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Technology for a sustainable organic food production

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8th September, 2014 | Bologna Fair
2.00pm – 5.30pm | Notturno Hall – Block D, Services Centre, 1° floor – north entrance “Costituzione”

In a scenario of a rapidly increasing human population and reduction of land available for food production for humans due to bio-energy production and animal nutrition, it is clear that both SUSTAINABILITY AND FOOD SECURITY are issues of strategic relevance at global level.

The World Food research and innovation Forum was created to bring together and globally engage different stakeholders based on an innovative, holistic format aimed at promoting new global cooperation on topics of great interest at European and international levels.
In its second conference at Sana, the World Food Research and Innovation Forum will adopt its peculiar model to debate and propose solutions to the most compelling challenges for sustainable agro-food production and food security, with a specific focus on organic food production.

The conference will provide an opportunity for international experts from university, industry and government to debate the future of the sustainability of food production, including organic farming. The speakers will address HOW TO FACE THE GROWING AND FAST-CHANGING DEMAND OF FOOD PRODUCTS as related to population growth and to the increased wealth in developing countries.

In particular, the conference will address problems and possible solutions for a more sustainable WATER USE IN AGRICULTURE, FOOD PROCESSING OPTIMIZATION and improving the logistics of REFRIGERATED PRODUCTS – a process of sizeable cost and environmental impact in the production chain of both organic and traditional companies.


Italian-English simultaneous transaltion is provided.

Free ticket registration: (deadline 5th September 2014)

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