WFF at Cibus 2024

WFF at Cibus 2024

A much awaited date in the rich programme of Cibus 2024, the International Food Exhibition, the World Food Forum 2024 event included two main appointments. 

The first one was a high level conference entitled "The challenges of food systems' sustainability for businesses and supply chains - A global approach, from soil to human health". During the conference a varied panel of notable speakers discussed the key topics of sustainable growth in food and agriculture.

The second event saw the representatives of key companies illustrate their participation in key PNRR projects to business stakeholders.

The events were organised in partnership with Agritech National Centre for Technology in Agriculture, the Onfoods Foundation, Metrofood and the Agrifood National Cluster (CLAN) and took place during Cibus International Food Exhibition, Parma, Italy.

The full programme is available here.