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“Finding instruments to enhance processes and boost competitiveness: that’s what Research can do for our companies”

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Guglielmo Garagnani

Coordinator of Agrinsieme Emilia Romagna

For the agriculture sector the Forum represents an important opportunity. Research and Innovation can be instruments to increase revenues of our companies because, I know it can sound venal, if nobody produces food, there is no sense talking about Safety and Security.

Expo has raised a tough debate within the agriculture sector about internationalization. We are ready to take the opportunities which will emerge from Expo and from the Forum, whose meaning is in fixing a huge bug: the short circuit between the business sector, the subjects who are supposed to collect its requests, and the Research sector, which has the instruments needed by companies to solve their problems and overcome their difficulties.

Research can help us enhancing processes, supply chains and genetics. At the moment production costs in Italy are noncompetitive compared to the ones in other European countries: reducing them is crucial for our enterprises and for the promotion on a greater and greater scale of our Pdo products.

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