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Global population could reach 9 billions in 2050. Population is growing? Agricultural production must grow by 60%

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Fruits and Legumes Cluster

There is no doubt that the exceptionally important issues in food security that have acquired urgency today require indisputably even greater coordination and interaction, large – scale international cooperation, joint approaches and assessments for the future. And of course, they require systematic and continuous exchange of experiences and best practices accumulated in various parts of the world.

Fruit, vegetables and legumes are coltures with less environmental impact. Lands cultivated with fruit in 2010 has grown 608 millions of tons of food.

Legumes represent the main food source in many emerging countries, their fundamental qualities helping ensure food security.

Legumes are an extremely important part of the food chain and, due to their vitamin and mineral content, may be used as a substitute for cereals in the crop rotation system, which is designed to help prevent soil depletion.

Rich in calories, legumes play a vital role in reducing food poverty within agricultural communities, helping improve health and increase nutritional values in many parts of the world.

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