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Innovation in agriculture and in every step of the agri-food chain: that’s what we need to feed the planet

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Aldo Longo

Director General for General Aspects of Rural Development and Research, Directorate–General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission

A strategic approach to the feeding the planet challenge begins with research. We have to promote innovation in agriculture and in every step of the agri-food chain: from farmers to consumers. However, this effort would be useless if not strictly associated with incentives to share the knowledge we have, first of all with farmers.
What we need now, in fact, is a new and more sustainable agriculture model, focused on the big challenges of the future. This model can be spread only sharing knowledge and competences.
That’s why EU is promoting innovation partnerships through its European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, sustaining a huge effort as far as research in agriculture and food are concerned. This effort must be supported by an international cooperation activity in developing countries, which can be strengthened by initiatives like the World Food Research and Innovation Forum. The international partnerships we are enhancing will bring great advantages to developing Countries, in particular to those of Sub Saharan Africa.
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