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Over the past 40 years, agriculture has been characterized by a significant increase in yield per hectare

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Rice Cluster

Abundance and Security

RiceIt is calculated that, on average, rice yields have increased by over 100%.

Rice is one of the greatest water-requiring crops. It is calculated that each kilogram of rice requires 3.000 to 5.000 litres of water: to obtain a ton of rice (equivalent to twenty 50-kg bags) one or two olympic pools of water are needed.

Rice hulls are one of the world most important agricultural by-products with about 150 million tons being produced every year. During processing, rice grains are detached from hulls. These husks are composed primarily of cellulose and are thus suitable for the production of biofuel or for direct use as a fuel.

Rice is the second world crop after maize (720 million tons of rice compared to 900 million tons of maize). However, rice is almost entirely used in human nutrition, while maize is mostly devoted to domestic animal food.

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