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Thanks to Expo and to the Forum, food production and agriculture are back as primary sectors

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Luigi Bodria,

Professor of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Milan – President of the CLUB of Bologna

For thousands of years our development was based on agriculture, but recently agriculture has been forgotten in some ways. The new era was the age of communication, of electronics and of financing, while food production seemed to be a no-care item. Now, after EXPO Milano 2015 and with the help of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum, food production and agriculture are back as primary sectors.

What we have to do now is on one side to learn how to produce and maintain high production in industrialized countries in a sustainable way: it’s not easy, but technology and reserach can help a lot to meet the challenge of producing food in a sustainable way. On the other end we have to help the developing world to achieve food security and make sure it has enough food for the needs of its population

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