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The American roadmap to reduce food waste by 20% within a decade

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A new plan offers a roadmap for the U.S. to reduce food waste by 20% within a decade while also creating thousands of jobs and could save consumers billions of dollars.

The report, which comes just months after the launch of a federal initiative aimed at cutting food waste by 50% by 2030, offers a 27-point list of ways to address the issue that includes everything from eliminating sell-by dates to changing the composition of animal feed.

The plan comes from a non-profit and corporate collaboration known as ReFED and drew support from more than 30 organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Deloitte and investment firm MissionPoint Partners.

The report divides food waste solutions into three categories: prevention, recovery and recycling. Proposed measures focus heavily on preventing food waste in the first place. For one, the report suggests food companies should adjust packaging to discourage waste. Portions should be smaller and packaging should be designed to prevent food from spoiling. Distributors should invest in technology to eliminate food waste during transport. Prevention methods would help save roughly $8 billion and and prevent 2.6 million tons of food from being wasted, according to the report.

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