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“The future of food? Nobody can deal with the challenges related to it on his own”

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Giancarlo Addario

Collaborative Research and IPR Management, Barilla

When we talk about the future of food, we talk about challenges that nobody can deal with on his own: sharing knowledge and strategies with all the stakeholders and involving the political level is simply essential.
As far as Barilla Group is concerned, sustainability represents an ineluctable target, which will have a growing impact on our business in the next years. In fact, it will become a pre-requisite for those who buy our products, exactly as food security represents a pre-requisite right now.
Full integration within the supply chain will therefore be essential to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption, food waste and to increase land dedicated to human food production instead of to domestic animal food or to biofuels production. A permanent platform as the World Food Research and Innovation Forum is the ideal context where all the actors involved can define shared and effective initiatives.
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