World Food Forum

“What do we expect from the Forum? Incentives for new production systems and innovation opportunities for enterprises, even small and medium-sized ones”

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Annalisa Sassi

Coordinator for Expo 2015, Confindustria Emilia Romagna

As far as we are concerned, the Forum represents the commitment that our production system can offer to the definition of new strategies for the food system. Having the opportunity to do it on a global scale makes us very proud of this initiative. On the other hand, the agro-industrial model of Emilia Romagna can be a model for many other countries and systems worldwide. Our region, in fact, has a very rich history and has achieved important results in terms of technology, science and productivity development.
Hosting in our Region this new platform, which will put Research and Innovation for the food system at the centre of discussion, will give us remarkable incentives to create new products and new production systems to meet the expectations of consumers and of economic and social systems. Moreover, sharing tools that can help integrating the supply chain will offer new opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises, which sometimes are not able to take advantage of development and innovation opportunities because of communication difficulties.
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