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What do we need to feed the world? We need strong policy leaders

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Bernhard Url

Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority - EFSA

To feed the world we need strong policy leaders. We need leaders from the European Union and from other States to say: “Yes, we have to do it, we have to implement it”.
Then the scientists are ready and the regulatory agencies are ready. There we don’t have a problem, but we need a political will to do it. This, obviously, is in conflict with some objectives of the industry, because it sometimes has rather short sight or short term objectives on revenues, but here we need a long time view with all the stakeholders.
The World Food Research and Innovation Forum will have a very important role in bringing together the views of different stakeholders, the scientists, the politicians, the rule makers, the industry in trying to achieve what is actually the main topic of EXPO Milano 2015: how can we feed this planet with 9 billion people in 2050 and what do the different stakeholders have to do to grant access to safe and wholesome food for each citizen of this planet.
Therefore it can have a very important role to bring together people to discuss issues and to give reccomandations to policy makers.
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