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A Governing Council related to the Forum: that’s what we need to support sustainable agriculture in the developing countries
27 June 2016

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Hugo De VriesHugo de Vries, Director of UMR IATE – Unité Mixte de Recherches Ingénierie des Agro-polymères et Technologies Émergentes, INRA & CIRAD

What are we doing to promote sustainable agriculture in the developing countries?
As far as sustainable agriculture is concerned, the European Union has a constant attention for the emerging countries. We see it back in bilateral projects, for example with India and China. We see it back in projects all around the Mediterranean area, with the North African countries. And we also see it back in general for specific topics addressing sustainable agriculture in Africa.

How can the European Union further support this process?
The question for me is back to the Commission and is: would it be wise to regroup activities in a kind of forum with the emerging countries and to do it not only in a kind of project forum, but also a kind of program forum where we follow the impact of our projects and where we are able to monitor in an objective way what we have realized and what we have set? I’m thinking about a kind of Governing Council which could be potentially related to the World Food Research and Innovation Forum, involving not only the European Commission but also the emerging countries in a kind of co-construction. If we do that, I think we can have much more impact on the development than we currently are.

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