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Increasing crop productivity and international cooperatioon: this is the Chinese strategy for food sustainability
5 july 2016

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Xurong_MeiMei Xurong, Director of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

How is China addressing the food sustainability issue and what role are research and innovation playing in this process?

In the next five years in China the innovation, genetic ad productivity improvements will be emphasized to increase yields instead of the use of land and water. Moreover, we will be working to improve food quality instead of quantity to make consumers confident in the use of domestic food as well. These are our main prioirites as far as research and innovation are concerned.

The World Food Research and Innovation Forum is working to promote international cooperation to meet the Feeding the planet challenge. What is the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences doing as far as international cooperation is concerned?

We are working with several Institutions all over the world and we are working to strengthen international cooperation in science, technology and research in several ways. First of all we are building up some joint labs with international institutions. Second, we are exchanging some young talents. Third, we are joining international programs with our Centers. Last, but not least, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is home to science and technology innovation programs, some of which are open to international cooperation.

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