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President Bonaccini announces: “Emilia-Romagna Region will be in the Silicon Valley to expand the audience of the Forum”
22 October 2015

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stefano-bonacciniInterview with Stefano Bonaccini, president of Emilia-Romagna Region

Considering the conclusions emerged from the first edition of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum, what is the first step we have to take to meet the Feeding the planet challenge?
First of all, we must remember that the Forum itself represents a permanent strategic opportunity to promote the development of multi-sectorial partnerships and of international cooperation on food safety and food security topics. It is a space for dialogue and a support for collaboration amongst policy makers, people in charge of regulatory policies, development organizations, global food companies, small and medium businesses, consumer groups and the scientific community. My commitment from now on will be promoting the needs emerged from the Forum in the upcoming international events I will attend to and making this needs known to the groups of representatives I’m meeting. Moreover, it is now necessary to expand the audience of actors involved in achieving the shared objectives which emerged during Expo, something we are already working on.

What part is the Region going to play in this process?
For example we will be in the United States in the next weeks for a follow-up of EXPO Milano 2015, in particular of the Forum’s first edition, in order to mantain and increase the reputation we have built and to focus on business opportunities on the American market for regional agro-industrial enterprises. We will try, in particular, to find subjects In the Silicon Valley which could be interested in joining the audience which gathered around the World Food Research and Innovation Forum platform.

How do you expect the Forum to develop after EXPO Milano 2015?
In Milan we have taken the first step. Now the scientific Committee, starting from the conclusions of this first edition, is considering direction and contents for the next steps. With the forum we have launched during EXPO Milano 2015 something we have been working on for a long time. And we have done it from a Region, Emilia-Romagna, which in the last years has given an essential contribution to innovation with the agrifood platform of the High technology network, a network of public and university research centres. This platform offers qualified support for the development of new products and processes, the characterization and selection of new raw materials, the design and validation of equipment and plants for food processing and packaging.

What will be the approach to the second edition of the Forum, which will take place in 2016?
As I’ve already said, we are pondering the next steps to take. We have chosen Cibus for the second edition of the Forum because it shares with the World Food Research and Innovation Forum two basic ingredients. Cibus is, in fact, a strategic platform which has become an international fair for the whole food industry, from producers to distributors. Moreover, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is located in Parma, a perfect location for this second edition.

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