World Food Forum

SANA 2014
8th September 2014, Bologna Fair

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How technology can ensure the sustainability of the food system, an important issue for the organic sector too.

Guaranteeing the sustainability of food production, including organic production, in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of humanity, is the topic of discussion of the second conference which is part of the initiatives of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum organized ahead of the first edition at EXPO Milano 2015.

The opening of the conference will see interventions by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Andrea Olivero and Gebisa Ejeta, distinguish professor at Purdue University and winner of the prestigious World Food Prize 2009. National and international experts together with business representatives will then explore three crucial issues that strongly determine the sustainability of food production: water, food processing and logistics. The conference will be concluded by Thomas Arnold, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, who will talk about the Horizon 2020 program approach on the issues of food safety and food security.