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The president of Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, opened today at EXPO Milano 2015 the first edition of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum
22 september 2015

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bonacciniRepresentatives and delegates of the most important national and international organizations dealing with food and nutrition issues have met today in the Italian pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015, for the opening of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum. The first day of the new international event launched by Emilia-Romagna Region was opened by the welcome address of president Stefano Bonaccini, whose speech was live tweeted and broadcasted on Periscope and on the streaming platform of the Forum.


“Our ambition is to establish a platform able to attract all the key stakeholders and to design new global strategies for the development of the agri-food sector”, explained Bonaccini. “The challenge is raising food production to feed a world’s population which is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 and, at the same time, protecting and enhancing natural resources”.


The first two sessions of the Forum, which took place today, focused on  Food research and technology and on Food safety and security.
Tomorrow the plenary session, which will close the first edition of the Forum, will focus on the future scenario and on the need to define a shared strategy for a common global agenda, because the only way to meet the challenge of Feeding the planet is developing a new model based on the three pillars of security, safety and sustainability.


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