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We need to develop a critical mass on the actions we have to take: that’s why the Forum will help to feed the world
10 december 2015

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Luigi_Nicolais400x300Luigi Nicolais, President of the National Research Council of Italy – CNR

The World Food Research and Innovation Forum is very important for many reasons, first of all for its interdisciplinarity. During EXPO Milano 2015 we have been discussing for six months about food from different points of view: from the genetic point of view, from the packaging point of view and from all the other issues related with food safety.

Thanks to EXPO and thanks to this Forum we have been able to work around many subjects: food safety, food security, food traceability and much more. In this meetings we learned how we can transfer the results of research to people that normally just read newspapers but don’t know that much about food, science and technology.

We also learned that it is crucial among scientists and Countries to find out how to work together to address all the problems we are facing when we think how to feed the world. Things, in fact, are changing so fast that often we are speaking about a problem which has already been solved somewhere else but we simply don’t know it.

With this Forum Italy has recognized the need of having a group which could work continuously on the subjects which have been discussed during EXPO. The key point is to continue working with the research communities and with the universities we have met during EXPO, and to strengthen the interaction with people and industries to develop a critical mass thant can really work on problems which are very complex.

Having a permanent Forum that can be a part of the world community is crucial to integrate Italy with the rest of the world. And Italy, with all the knowledge and production it has, must be an important actor in the world community.

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