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Why building a sound relation with the agro-industrial and food sectors is crucial in the medium term strategy to feed the planet
04 May 2016

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Fava400X300Fabio Fava, member of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum Steering Committee and Italian Representative for Bioeconomy in Horizon 2020 committees

After the success of the first edition, which took place last year at Expo Milano 2015, what do you expect from this second edition of the Forum?
The new edition of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum will consolidate the international thematic and technological platform on food security and safety launched last year as it aims at implementing the main commitments of the previous edition and exploiting the major outcomes of Expo Milano 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. It will result in a new set of R&I (Research and Innovation) and policy recommendations and novel international public private partnerships consisting of decision and policy makers, food regulators, food industries and consumers communities.

We have made a medium term strategic choice, launching and building a sound relation with the agro-industrial system and with the food sector. That’s why the Forum will take place during Cibus, the 2016 International Food Exhibition, in partnership with Federalimentare.

What will be the role of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum permanent working structure, which will be presented during this second edition?
This second edition of the Forum is addressed to create a dynamic and fertile framework and the public private partnerships required for addressing the major R&I, policy and social challenges and opportunities identified last year. An additional challenge would be linking and exploiting synergies between the strategic World Food Research and Innovation Forum agenda developed last year and the 2030 Sustainable Development goals as promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, for which novel and additional international coordination of efforts, collaboration and mobilization of resources are necessary. At the end of this edition of the Forum there will be the launch of the system of strategic platforms for participation of global and local players.

What’s the most urgent action to take among the ones included in the strategic European Food Research Agenda?
The most urgent action is to create a robust international consensus on the R&I and policy needs of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum agenda and the international and local public private partnerships for implementing them. The worldwide needs for sustainable food nutrition security and safety are calling for urgent, robust and integrated strategies and actions at national, European and international level. Among them, there is also the inclusion of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum agenda priorities in the Economic Partnership Agreements/Trade Agreements, Country Strategy Documents and Poverty Reduction Strategy Plans as this is critical to the achievement of many of the proposed post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. The Forum will be an important actor in the organization of the Research and Innovation Agenda for food and nutrition security, which will be launched by the European Union in 2016 and which represents a crucial part of the EU Food Research Area.



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