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Why consumers can play a key role in Feeding the planet and how the World Food Research and Innovation Forum will address this huge challenge
27 august 2015

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Milan, 27 august 2015 – Providing answers to the huge challenge of Feeding the planet is not only a matter for food policy makers, people in charge of regulatory policies, international development organizations, global food companies, the world of finance or science, research and innovation communities. In a world where three billion people suffer from chronic hunger or inadequate nutrition and, at the same time, more than two billion people are overweight or obese as a consequence of food over-consumption, a key role can be played by consumers.
Food safety, food security and nutrition are not only problems for the world’s poor. In fact, high-obesity rates are present in both industrialized and developing nations, where people suffering from food over consumption may live in the same state or region with people who are malnourished and nutrition insecure.
Since globalization is driving the world to become more and more inter-linked and inter-dependent, consumers must become aware that their habits have an impact on different areas of the world and that they represent an important factor for food safety, security and sustainability. Consumers can – actually must – contribute to meet the challenges of Feeding the Planet. Because on a planet which is expected to reach a population of 9 billion people in 2050, everybody must play a part.

Find out how consumers can play a key role and how the World Food Research and Innovation Forum will address this huge challenge reading the Discussion paper prepared for the first edition of the Forum

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