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Why is technological innovation crucial in developing countries? Because it can help to reduce food waste and to promote the production of safe and healthy foods
2 August 2016

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Angelo Vittorio ZambriniVittorio Zambrini, Quality, Innovation, Security and Environment Director at Granarolo SpA

How can technological innovation promote food safety in developing countries?
Technological innovation can sustain food security in developing countries at local production level, at primary production level and at food processing level. In developing countries, products which require cold chain conditions suffer for the lack of cold chains and for the hot climate, a problem which will become even worse with global warming.

Technological innovations can help having foods which are stabilized, heat treated and dried, and can therefore contribute to promote the production and distribution of safe and healthy foods.


What role will animal proteins play in the feeding the planet challenge?
They will play a crucial role as far as nutrition is concerned. Meat and milk proteins, in particular, are proteins with high biological value, and their nutritional contribution is therefore very important in countries where undernourishment is still widespread. What we need is to increase the production of animal proteins, since in 2050 the world’s population is expected to reach over 9 billion people and to feed the world we will have to increase production of these foods at least by 50%. This should be done not only in developed countries, but also in developing countries, where we have to find out varieties, both plant and animal, which allow us to increase production without facing the food security and food waste problems we are facing at the moment.


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