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World Food Research and Innovation Forum: a strategic dialogue on future of food
31 July 2015

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Paolo De Castro, MEP, President of the Strategic Committee of the World Food research and innovation Forum

Paolo De CastroCarrying on the discussion on the topic of food security, the heart of Expo 2015, in order to participate actively in the definition of new actions and policies aimed at making access to food a universal right.

This is the crucial goal of the World Food Research and Innovation Forum: an extremely  ambitious goal, which nevertheless carefully addresses one of the most important challenges our planet needs to face.

The research and innovation platform established by the Emilia Romagna region, which will be attended by the most relevant experts from around the world, is a key tool to create awareness on the new trends that characterize the food production and consumption on a global scale.

The transformation of the agricultural and food systems triggered by globalization has brought new players in trade flows and new strategies that guide national and international policies. This is the key for understanding the great challenges, the risks and the opportunities that the contemporary world poses to the global food systems.

In the coming decades, our planet will see 3 billion mouths more to feed, and will have fewer resources to do it. In addition, the increase in food demand will be driven by the predominant consumption growth that is characterizing many areas of the world, in particular the so-called emerging regions. We will, therefore, be called on to meet this growing demand with more sustainable solutions than in the past: this evolution in our production patterns can no longer be postponed. Thanks to the opportunities, the food for thought and reflections offered by the World Food Research and Innovation Forum we expect to make decisive step forward towards this objective.

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