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Alessandra Bordoni

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Professor, Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bologna

Prof. Alessandra Bordoni, MD, PhD in Human Nutrition and in Biochemistry, is the coordinator of the Human Nutrition Unit at the Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies, University of Bologna (Italy).

Prof. Bordoni performed researches regarding several topics of nutrition and nutritional biochemistry. In these fields, special attention was devoted to bioactive components of foods, to their role in the prevention of diseases and their mechanisms of action, and to the use of the “omics” techniques in the food and nutrition sciences. She published more than 130 full papers and book chapters in national and international journals on the above mentioned topics, and has been invited as speaker to many national and international conferences.

She is member of the board of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU), and of the Commission that recently updated the Italian RDA (as coordinator of the “Lipids” group)

Prof. Bordoni participated different 6th FP EU projects, and she is at present co-coordinator of the 7th FP EU project “Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty – CHANCE”, and general coordinator of the recently funded 7th FP EU project “Pivotal assessment of the effects of bioactives on health and wellbeing. From human genoma to food industry – PATHWAY-27”

She is Editor in Chief of “Food and Nutrition Sciences” and member of the editorial board of “Nutrition, metabolism and cardiovascular diseases”.