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Djien Liem

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Head of EFSA's Scientific Committee and Advisory Forum Unit - EFSA

Dr. Djien Liem is the Head of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Advisory Forum Unit. He oversees the secretariat of these core bodies whose work plays a central role in reinforcing EFSA’s co-operation with Member States. He first joined EFSA in 2003 as scientific co-ordinator of EFSA’s Scientific Committee.

Dr. Liem began his career at the Department of Industrial Contaminants of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment. He chaired the Dutch Working Groups on Dioxins in Food and on Dietary Intakes, and was national delegate in the framework of World Health Organization (WHO) studies on dioxins and related compounds. He co-ordinated a pan-European Scientific Co-operation project from 1998-2000 on behalf of the European Commission concerning the assessment of dietary intake of dioxins and related compounds, and in 2000 he took up a secondment at the secretariat of the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food.