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Gian Luigi Russo

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Senior scientist - Department of Bio and Agro-Food Sciences, CNR National Research Council

Currently, he is Senior Research Scientist and responsible for the Food Chemoprevention Unit and head of the “Diet and Human Health” area at ISA-CNR.
He was “contract professor” (untenured professor) of Biochemistry and Applied Biotechnology at the Second University of Naples, Italy (1993-96) and University of Naples “Federico II” (1999-2005).

Recently, he received the National Scientific Qualification (art.16 of the law 30 December 2010, n.240) as Full Professor in Biochemistry and currently is a Fulbright Scholar at Stony Brook University, New York, USA (a.a. 2013/14). He coordinated international, national and regional project on the effects of food-derived antioxidants in preventing degenerative diseases. From 2007 to 2009, he coordinated the European project Mapping And Comparing Oils (MAC-Oils, Contract no.: 43083), Food Quality and Safety Priority, in the frame of FP6. His generalist expertise is in the field of basic biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. His specialist expertise is on cell division cycle control and apoptosis. He published about 100 original articles on peer-reviewed journals