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Hugo De Vries

"Food security at a viable planet is more than a serious game"


Hugo De Vries

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Director, UMR IATE-Unité Mixte de Recherches Ingénierie des Agro-polymères et Technologies Émergentes, INRA & CIRAD

Dr. Hugo de Vries is director of the Joint Research Centre IATE of INRA, CIRAD, SupAgro and University of Montpellier focusing on transformation of renewable resources into food, bio-energy, biomaterials and bio-molecules. He is research director at INRA, Board member of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology, of the UNESCO CHAIR ‘World Food Systems’, of the INRA-CIRAD Global Food Security meta-programme and the Hohenheim Research Centre for Bio-economy. He has been the Head of the Food Technology Research Centre of Wageningen UR and the Division Director Strategy and Commercial Affairs of ATO-DLO, part of Wageningen UR.

He has been coordinator of the European Integrated Project NovelQ and initiator of the Network of Excellence HighTech Europe. He has a PhD in physics and has held several positions around the globe.

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