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John Bell

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Director for Bioeconomy Directorate - Directorate General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

John Bell was appointed Director of the Bioeconomy Directorate in DG RTD on 16 January 2014. His role in the definition of the European Union’s 2010 “Innovation Union” policy, the 2011 “Horizon 2020″ Framework programme, reinforcing the Joint Research Centre’s global scientific impact and the 2012 European Research Area package, was his main priority as it entered the delivery phase. He has been a European Commission official since 1993.

During his career to date he has worked on humanitarian aid assistance programmes in the former Yugoslavia and in Albania, as well as public administration reform in Central and Eastern Europe. He was the Poland country desk officer responsible for the European Commission’s Opinion on their application for EU membership. At senior level he was a member of the cabinet of Commissioner David Byrne with responsibility for enlargement, public health and global health security issues, including bioterrorism.

As Head of Strategy for the Commission’s food, health and consumers directorate general SANCO, he was responsible for rolling out Regulatory Impact Assessments, modernising stakeholder relations and foresight activities. He was the Chef de Cabinet for the first Bulgarian European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva on Consumer Affairs, where he led an economic empowerment approach to consumer policy and consumer markets including global safety issues.