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Luca Montanarella

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Luca Montanarella

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Senior Expert Land Resources Management Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

Senior Expert and project manager at the European Commission. Leading the Soil Data and Information Systems activities of the Joint Research Centre in support to the EU Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection and numerous other soil related policies, like the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the UNCCD, UNFCCC, CBD, etc. Responsible of the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC), the European Soil Information System (EUSIS) and the European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN).

Recently in charge of supporting the establishment of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) at FAO. Currently chairing the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) and the IPBES thematic assessment on land degradation and restoration (LDR) as EC Senior Expert in Land Resource Management.

More than 300 publications, books and reports. Numerous awards and memberships. More details at

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