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Marco Bettin

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Chief Operating Officer, Italy China Foundation – Secretary General, Italy China Chamber of Commerce

Marco Bettin since 2016 is Secretary General of Italy China Chamber of Commerce which, from 1970, has been supporting and enhancing friendship relations between Italy and China. This was also the result of the synergy with the Italy China Foundation which Marco joined in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer with the task of develop the activity and set the strategies for the benefit of Italy China bilateral relationships.

Before, when in 2004 Unicredit Group decided to open a third representative office in southern China, Marco was called for the management and implementation of the project. The Guangzhou Office of Unicredit had territorial jurisdiction throughout southern China and Marco as, Chief Representative, was bringing forward Group’s interests in the area. At the end of 2012, after managing the upgrading of the Office in a Branch, Marco decided to come back to Italy ending almost 20 years of experience in China. In Unicredit HQ in Milan, Previously, Marco has lived in Beijing serving for 2 years as CEO of Aethra Asia, a leading Italian company active in telecommunications, and running its production plant in Shenzhen, as well offices in beining and Hong Kong.

From 1998 Marco was Secretary General of the Italy China Chamber of Commerce based in Beijing: under his leadership, the Chamber opened its branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou establishing itself as the most representative Italian Association in China.

Earlier, from 1993 to 1997 he was head of Middle Eastern and Asian markets for the Foreign Centre of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto (Italy), learning a wide knowledge of the world of SMEs and services connected to it.
Marco was born in Venice in February 1968 and graduated in Oriental Languages and Literatures (majoring in Chinese language and history) at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.

His education includes a degree in Chinese language at the Beijing Language University and advanced courses in banking, management and finance at the Unicredit Management & Banking Academy.
Marco for several years was Vice Chairman of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, as well as Special Advisor to the Guangzhou Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

Since 2017 he is also Vice Chairman of the EU-China Business Association, a prestigious association based in Bruxelles wich consists of 20 bilateral organizations active in 20 European countries, with a company network of around 20,000 enterprises.

In 2011 Marco Bettin received by Italian President Napolitano the honour of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

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