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Massimo Ferro

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Corporate Strategy Director Nestlé Italy

Massimo Ferro is Corporate Strategy Director for Nestlé in Italy. As leader of this function, Massimo plays the important role of leading the Group over its long-term development in Italy, managing strategic planning and ensuring that the entire organization maintains a solid competitive edge. Massimo is a member of the Italian Board of Directors and a Nestlé Executive with solid international experience.

He has held positions of increasing responsibility within the Group, particularly in finance, distinguishing himself for his vision and ability to manage complex situations while guiding the company through phases of innovation and organizational change. Prior to this appointment, he had been CFO of Nestlé Group in Italy since 2010, after managing Nestlé Business Services in Italy (2006-2009). Previously he was CFO of Purina Petfood Southern Europe (1999-2005).

He joined Nestlé in 1998 after significant national and international experience in different companies.

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