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Palma Costi

Palma Costi

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Minister for Productive activities, energy plan, green economy, Emilia-Romagna Region

With a degree in Contemporary History at the University of Bologna Palma Costi has always interchanged period of time studying and being a local administrator, in town councils, provinces and regional government.

Her experience as a regional councilor started in 2010 being part of the Economic, Health and welfare and Equal opportunities regional Commissions. In January 2013 she was elected as a Chairperson of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Legislative Assembly.

Since May 2012 she devoted a lot of time and energies to the territories damaged by the earthquake, the flooding and air spout: a very distressful experience that thought her  that  “together we can” endure adversities and start all over again.

Since January 2015 she is the Emilia-Romagna regional Minister for productive assets, energetic plan, green economy and after earthquake reconstruction.

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