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Roberto Moncalvo

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President Coldiretti

Born in 1980, Roberto Moncalvo has been unanimously elected in 2013 President of Coldiretti. Since 2015 he is Vice President of COPA.

Holding a master degree in Automotive Engineering, he is the owner of a farm in Settimo Torinese (Piedmont region), which he runs together with his wife Elena and sister Daniela. Specialized in fruits and vegetables production, the farm invested in infrastructures for on-farm food processing, agro-tourism and direct sales. The farm is officially recognized as “educational farm” and involved in social farming activities, like the insertion of refugees and people with disabilities.

His involvement in farmers’ movements has a long standing, dating back in 1996, with Coldiretti Young Movement at local and national level. He becomes vice-president of Coldiretti Turin in 2007 and Coldiretti Piedmont in 2012. He chairs the foundation “Observatory on crime within agriculture and the agro-food system” and is member of the executive board of the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences.

He is a founding member of the cooperatives association UECOOP in 2013 and is still part of its national committee.
Strongly engaged at the international level, he participates in the World Farmers Organization, FAO and IFAD activities, with the aim of valuing farmers’ contribution to economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development globally. He also fostered the presence of Coldiretti at Expo Milan 2015: over a hundred thousand farmers could play a key-role on that world stage.

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