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Roberto Tuberosa

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Roberto Tuberosa

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Professor of Plant Genetics and Plant Breeding, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bologna

Professor Roberto Tuberosa teaches “Biotechnology Applied to Plant Breeding” and “Plant Genetics” at the University of Bologna.

His research focuses on the use of genomics to dissect the genetic basis of productivity and its sustainability under drought in cereals. He collaborates with seed companies to apply marker-assisted selection to improve the productivity of maize and durum wheat.
He participates to 4 EU-funded projects on plant genomics and in the past has participated to 12 other projects.

He has published over 100 manuscripts on peer-reviewed journals and 23 book chapters and has edited 7 volumes in plant genomics. He has presented invited lectures in 47 international congresses.

A Fellow of the Crop Science Society of America, he represents Europe in the International Crop Science Society.
He has organized 11 international congresses and coordinates the Italian Technological Platform “Plants for the Future”.
He is a member of the Editorial Board of 8 international journals.