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Sanjaya Rajaram

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Sanjaya Rajaram

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President Resource Seeds International and 2014 World Food Prize Laureate

Sanjaya Rajaram has significantly advanced his mentor’s work in improving wheat varieties during a period that has been described as the “golden years” of wheat breeding and production.

After a distinguished career at CIMMYT, Dr. Rajaram joined the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, and later developed his own seed company, Resource Seeds International. Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, was honored as the 2014 World Food Prize Laureate for his scientific research that led to a prodigious increase in world wheat production – by more than 200 million tons – building upon the successes of the Green Revolution.

Dr. Rajaram succeeded Dr. Norman Borlaug in leading CIMMYT’s wheat breeding program, and developed an astounding 480 wheat varieties that have been released in 51 countries on six continents and have been widely adopted by small- and large-scale farmers alike.

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