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wim debeuckelaere

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Wim Debeuckelaere

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Head of Sector on Food Additives, Food Enzymes, Flavourings – Directorate-General for Health and Consumers (SANCO) - European Commission

Wim Debeuckelaere has Master degrees in Biology and Agronomy of the University of Ghent, Belgium.

During 11 years Wim Debeuckelaere was responsible for food related issues at the Belgian consumer organisation, Test-Achat, where he organised tests for quality and safety of food. He prepared several projects in collaboration with Consumer Organisations of other EU Member States. He also represented the consumer interests in the area of food in several national and international fora.

Since 2002, Wim Debeuckelaere works for the European Commission, DG SANCO, initially at the Food and Veterinary Office, where he analysed and evaluated the effectiveness of control systems for food safety in the relevant countries. Since 2004 he works in the Food Safety Directorate for which he develops policies and legislation and manages existing legislation in the area of food additives, food enzymes and flavourings.